Wednesday, May 25, 2016

15 reasons to still be in love with Bruxhell

I would be lying if I told you that me and Brussels haven't been going a bit of a rough patch recently. Between a lockdown, a despicable terrorist attack, the ever-present military on the streets and a terribly planned and implemented pedestrian project, that has transformed the very center of the city into a grey ghost-town, it's safe to say that it has been a bad year for our little city. Yet spring is here and nature is in full bloom so I thought I would share some of the oh so many reasons that Paris's ugly cousin is still worth your love.

1. The Marolles!

Since I moved in this part of town nearly 8 years ago I fell in love. Though this little gem is located in the center of Brussels and is swarming with tourists and life during the weekend it keeps its Belgian charm intact and let's face it who doesn't enjoy living in a cabinet of curiosities. We also happen to have one of the best flea markets (Jeu de Balle)  that's open every single day!

The ultimate map of our hood

Places to love in the Marolles:

The Chaff

also known as our local, right on the square of Jeu de Balle and perfect for a soup bowl sized latte (known as lait Russe) in the sun apres le flea market

Located in an old fire station, perfect for an afternoon apero in the sun and delicious food is served upstairs under a glass roof

Les Brigittines 

Al Jannah 
The Lebanese solution to culinary boredom

The Bio Market at Tanneurs 
cause my quality of life increased exponentially since I started shopping there!

L'Idiot du village

Le Wine Bar des Marolles 


All the vintage shops

Chapelle skater park

2. The concerts

It's not like the Belgian crowd is particularly lively or has an exquisite musical taste however Brussels is on the way during any European tour and this means we get the chance to enjoy anyone who's on tour at a really reasonable price and at relatively intimate venues. It's not by chance that the Ancienne Belgique  is repeatedly listed as one of the best venues to play in and well at Botanique you get to see the newest bands before they explode into superstardom, or not, in a botanical garden! Hard to beat that! I remember that when I lived in London concert tickets had to be booked months in advance and cost a tiny fortune. And I will let you in on a little secret, you can show up on the eve of any sold out concert and find a ticket for the show at the original price, all you need to do is practice your negotiation skills or acquire some dodgy italian connections. 

Casually chilling with Ariel Pink after his gig.

God is in the house...

3. The food

Le Selecto

Resto Henri 




Jack O'Shea 

Viva M'boma 

La Guinguette en Ville

Les Filles 

4. The parteys

Well up until recently there was at least one party every weekend in the hood that is currently referred to as the cradle of terrorism, your beloved Molenbeek, and guess what every weekend the gays, the freaks and the hipsters invaded abandoned industrial spaces and danced the night away. Things may have slowed down a little but we still have incredible Djs, such as Matias Aguayo, who recently graced us with his presence at Beursschouwburg and restored our faith in the magic of the night. 

Keep an eye out for





Bruxsel Jardin for when the days start getting longer

Blue Cheese a party organized by 2 of my favorite boys in town

A reason onto itself, probably along with MOMA one of the most progressive Modern Art Museums in the world, amazing exhibitions, electro parties, film premiers, classical music concerts and you even get the opportunity to meet some of your favorite authors and film directors! They also host an ultra geeky fantastic film festival in their basement every year, what is there not to love! Did I also mention they have an incredible CINEMATEK with impeccable programming and a delicious Brasserie in the beautiful building that was designed by Belgium's finest, Mr Horta himself.

6. That we all believe in the magic of the night and the power of alcohol AKA The Freedom 

The fact that bars don't close at 2:00 like in gay Paris or London and the fact that you are free to consume alcoholic beverages in parks

What used to be my first ever afterhours home in Brussels.

Those of you who have the pleasure of knowing me personally are aware of the fact that going to the cinema is possibly one of my all time favorite activities and I must admit regardless of all the silver screens I have seen Cinema Nova is SPECIAL!

Well Belgium is sort of synonymous to chocolate, along with beer, peeing boys and mussels, and guess what you should definitely believe all the hype! I recently paid 4 euros for the tiniest of ice creams from Pierre and it was totally worth every cent! I am not know for my sweet tooth yet I loooove chocolate and Marcolini takes it to the next level.


Anyone who's mad enough to give this insane little city a chance to become a home is worth loving, or at least in need of some sort of psychiatric help, so this one is for all the beautiful people from all over the world that make this city AWESOME!

10. ICON 

One of my all time favorite stores where you can find gems from ACNE, Isabelle Marant, Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, EACH x OTHER, Roseanna and many many more

for all the eco-warriors out there

12. our very own little hidden park Egmont 

13. all the dance 

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, The Great

14. This sky 

Cause Magritte was on to something

15. THE EU!!!!

Cause I work in the European Parliament and get to be an infinitesimal part of this incredible peace project!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

All palaces are temporary palaces

It's high time I posted a little something on here. Between several sun-kissed trips to Greeceland, a fantastic love fueled lucky 31 birthday celebration and a reign of terror in Bruxhell life has been somewhat of a whirlwind. So I thought I would share a few songs, pictures and quotes from all the things that have tickled my fancy over the past couple of months. 

I recently got super into the melancholic post-situationist 

Robert Montgomery

As you may have figured out this post is a somewhat melancholic reference to the impermanence of it all as exemplified by Montgomery's FIRE POEMS that I particularly like!

And as life is full of these odd little coincidences I recently came across this gorgeous manteau by EACH x OTHER a brand that was actually inspired by one of Montgomery's poems...


Me and my gorgeous androgynous Montgomery EACH x OTHER manteau and a little video explaining this lovely brands history and concept or what happens when art and fashion melt into each other 

Obviously since this is my first post in a long time and the world has unfortunately lost one of the most groundbreaking, talented and controversial artists that have ever graced the pop charts, this post could not be complete without mention of our one and only PRINCE.

I have always been really drawn to his funky groove, his extraterrestrial androgynous looks and the way that man moved on the highest of heels. Yet reading a lot about him and listening to his music rather obsessively over the past month, I must admit there is far more to him then I initially thought.....CONTROVERSY, an epic album released in 1981 to be listened to on repeat...A small taste of how Price combined the carnal with collective social resistance and political critique and questioned our preconceptions and taboos regarding race, gender and sexuality. 

"I just can't believe
All the things people say, 
Am I black or white?
Am I straight or gay? 
Do I believe in God?
Do I believe in me?

people call me rude 
I wish we all were nude
I wish there was no black and whiteI wish there were no rules..."

And since 2016 has been brutal in terms of stealing all our living heroes I can't help but share another BOWIE  LOVE IS LOST 'Hello Steve Reich' remixed by James Murphy / LCD Soundsystem 

David Bowie - LOVE IS LOST / Hello Steve Reich Mix (official video) from denial of service on Vimeo.

Last but certainly not least, the most memorable concert I attended this year was FAT WHITE FAMILY, because in an age where pushing a button can lead to becoming a self-proclaimed musical genius it's nice to be reminded that punk isn't dead! Afflictions, addictions, dark psychedelia, nudity and mosh pits, if it's a CHAMPAGNE HOLOCAUST, count me in!

FAT WHITE FAMILY - TOUCH THE LEATHER from Roger Sargent on Vimeo.

About that PIAS NITES

Thursday, March 10, 2016

La Grande Bellezza or When in Rome...

Those of you who know me are well aware that my love for Rome is bordering on the obsessive so at least once a year when the routine becomes too mundane I escape to what I honestly think is the most beautiful city in the world. So I decided to share the Rome I love with all of you through this little guide of gems. Enjoy La Grande Bellezza…


The one place I always visit without fail is Monti, the neighborhood where all the cool kids hang out and charm is abundant!

The neighborhood is ideal for an aperitivo or even a nightshop beer on Piazza della Madonna dei Monti.

In case you feel like having a small break from delicious carbohydrate based Italian cuisine I strongly recommend trying Temakinho sushi with a Brazilian twist, the place is full of pineapples (reason enough to love it) and the cocktails are delicious! Reservations required! 

For shopping I love SUPER  a lovely tiny concept store where admittedly the mens section is better then the one for ladies and the sales are amazing!

The Sacripante Gallery is ideal for a little aperitivo before dinner with Rome's most fashionable! Amazingly random antiques create a lovely 'cabinet of curiosities' atmosphere and the margaritas are perfection! 

MercatoMonti is a favorite weekend activity and keep an eye out for the lady that sells gorgeous silk vintage scarfs, there's some real gems hidden in there!


For a night out I would most definitely pass by Pigneto, it has been called Rome's Brooklyn after all. The hood where the city's drug dealers hang out and sometimes engage in fork fights is nonetheless swarming with life and full of really cool little restaurants and bars.

La Santeria is an extremely charming tiny Bistrot with the friendliest and cutest staff and delicious sandwiches. 

Bottiglieria also has delicious food! 

Rosti Pigneto communal tables and the finest ingredients from Tuscany, also has a great garden! 

Cohouse if you are feeling fancy, a supposedly private club, yet its very easy to get in and a temporary restaurant is set up on fridays and saturdays where a visiting chef creats a different menu every week! 


In terms of sites I finally got to peep through the keyhole of the door of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta….the view to Saint Peter is breathtaking and even better if an Italian takes you there with a bottle of red wine :) (you get to peak inside in La Grande Bellezza when the key master of the entire city lets our main character in for a night of fun and frolic!) 

It's equally impressive to see the recently unveiled Fontana di Tevi after Fendi's majestic restoration, one of my favorite spots in the city and now it's pearly white!

For a little dance 

Lanificio a bit out of the center and varies depending on the night and the party but fun is guaranteed  

Spazio Morgana Music Inn is one of the new hot spots in town with two separate dance floors in the basement 

Last but not least...

The Jewish Ghetto is great for a little walk and delicious lunch! 

If you are feeling kosher try Baghetto and Le Tartarughe for aperitivo

Al Grottino for delicious pizza with the locals

and as I love Valentino I would definitely recommend checking out the new flagship store that opened last year on Piazza di Spagna to look at all those gorgeous princess dresses!

Last but not least Sofia Coppola will be directing La Traviata with shows from the 24th of May until the 30th of June in the Opera in Rome and the costumes are designed by Valentino! A must see if you plan on visiting the city soon!  

The boy in Monti 

Temakinho or the girl that loved pineapples 

Aperitivo at Piazza della Madonna dei Monti

And lets face it this boy is the main reason I love Rome that much! 

No filters  needed when in Rome...

Through the looking glass at the COBRA Exhibition at Fondazione Roma Museo Palazzo Cipolla 

Cause when in Rome we take our fifth coffee of the day with a little bit of trash!

and a classic


And I couldn't end a post about Italy without mentioning Gucci, undoubtedly the freshest thing that has hit the runways in 2016 leading to a complete revival and revamping of the brand we had actually forgotten existed! Well done Mr Alessandro Michele!


Beautiful people.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The heart is a warewolf (or a night out in Copenhagen)

In 2016 I'm determined to keep one of my eternally recurrent New Years Resolutions, to never lose my sense of WANDERLUST. So last weekend I decided on a whim to escape with a fellow wandering soul for 36 hours in COPENHAGEN and it was magical! Enjoy a selection of the beautful things we saw, ate and listened to!

Greetings from the Danish underground....

The trip started with probably the most delicious food Copenhagen, and possibly even Europe as a whole, has to offer. Despite the fact that you normally need to reserve a table 4 months in advance (and we hadn't even recieved a reply to my attempt to get us wait listed the night before), we somehow magically got a table at 108, the pop up restaurant open from the 20th of January to the 16th of April by the NOMA family.

A funny story for all you lovers of the culinary delights. Noma, renowned for using unusual, locally sourced ingredients and for sparking an interest in Nordic cuisine (most definately not the most impressive ghastronomic option if you ask me!),  though repeatedly voted the worlds best restaurant and having recieved several Michelen stars, in February 2013 was the source of scandal as  67 guests who dined there fell ill with food poisoning.

You can thus imagine my curiosity to wine and dine in this scandalous yet opulent establishment. The staff was extremely polite and the place was the exact opposite of pretentious! Modern art, a fooseball table, a yellow neon light leading you to the restrooms and communal tables with benches create a really relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. I love how the menu is comprosed of small dishes, 4 being the optimal number for a very hungry person, giving you the chance to enjoy a wide array of unique tastes. My favourite dish was   Salt Baked Celeriac a slice of celeriac with pickles and hay cheese, a unique utterly delicious taste! Also recommend trying the Braised Ox Tails with coriander seeds and fresh pine!




The night continued at Jolene, a bar for all the dancing hipsters out there! The music is fine, the drinks ridiculously expensive and the neighbourhood is full of hip restaurants and clubs. 


Sunday was basically all about the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

The impressive garden by the seafront that hosts an impressive collection of sculptures.

A video from the "Fire under Snow" exhibition featuring some of the best contemporary audovisual artists, (I loved the tribute to John Lenon and Chelsea Hotel)


Candice Breitz "Working Class Hero" #johnlennon #diehardfans #cacophony

A museum with a view

Thumbs up, when in doubt spray paint it GOLD.


To be honest this is the real reason we went to Copenhagen on  this whirlwind adventure and though I was skeptical and made fun of my friend who implied we would be spending an entire day staring at a glass cube with wax sculptures I must admit I was blown away! Solemly has a single work of art had such a strong impact on me, and I would gladly have spent even more time starig and exploring this cabinet of curiosities. A true contemporary masterpiece and with every tour around the installation you discover a multiple new marvellous details!

"The Flux and the Puddle is a fascinating and frightening work about the body and its place in the world.
Born in Canada in 1974, David Altmejd pushes ideas and representations of the body and all its features to extremes and in The Flux and the Puddle ends up with a gigantic model with references to ecosystems and computer circuits. This work, from 2014, is like the Baroque ‘cabinet of curiosities’ translated into our own Big Bang era, sending us on a strange voyage through the work, driven by curiosity, intuition and close inspection."

Girl and broken mirror! Objectifying the reflection.


And the trip ended with delicious tartar at Manfreds, our lovely local winebar!

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Ok so 2016 is off to a rather rough start.

Monday morning, the first time I greeted the sun in Brussels this year, I was in for a rather rude awaking. A text message from my best friend at 8 in the morning saying

Omg David Bowie est mort :( 

I never considered myself a die hard Bowie fan. The glam, the glitter, the chamelionic reinvention and the killer sense of humour definitely appealed to me and I have bought and thouroughly enjoyed and swayed to several of his records. However, I somehow always regarded him as slightly too pop to be my personal heroe (having a weakness for the slightly darker side of the stars such as Mr Cave). I was however, like most, in a state of shock and throughout the Bowie mania that ensued I found myself becoming increasingly obsessed.

For over a week Bowie is pretty much all I  have been listening to and I was surprised to realise just how many of his songs have been a vital and integral part of the soundtrack to my life so far. 

When all is said and done I guess what I mean to say is THANK YOU. I am lucky to have existed at the same time as you <3

Enjoy some of my favourite stardust this amazingly beatiful man gave us.

"Et maintenant, pour Christophe quid habite le 5e, de la part de Juliette qui habite le 1er, l'Amour Modern par David Bowie"

Cause like Denis Lavant in Mauvais Sange or Frances Ha I have danced to this in the street and have associated it with oh so many of the boys that make my heart skip a beat.

My personal favorite!

Is it any wonder you are too cool to fool?

In May 1979, David Bowie did a two hour radio show called Star Special in which he played some of his favourite records and it's TOTALLY BRILLIANT!

The Doors, “Love Street”
Iggy Pop, “TV Eye”
John Lennon, “Remember”
? & The Mysterians, “96 Tears”
Edward Elgar, “The Nursery Suite” (extract)
Danny Kaye, “Inchworm”
Philip Glass, “Trial Prison”
The Velvet Underground, “Sweet Jane”
Mars, “Helen Fordsdale”
Little Richard, “He’s My Star”
King Crimson, “21st Century Schizoid Man”
Talking Heads, “Warning Sign”
Jeff Beck, “Beck’s Bolero”
Ronnie Spector, “Try Some, Buy Some”
Marc Bolan, “20th Century Boy”
The Mekons, “Where Were You?”
Steve Forbert, “Big City Cat”
The Rolling Stones, “We Love You”
Roxy Music, “2HB”
Bruce Springsteen, “It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City”
Stevie Wonder, “Fingertips”
Blondie, “Rip Her To Shreds”
Bob Seger, “Beautiful Loser”
David Bowie, “Boys Keep Swinging”
David Bowie, “Yassassin”
Talking Heads, “Book I Read”
Roxy Music, “For Your Pleasure”
King Curtis, “Something On Your Mind”
The Staple Singers, “Lies”

And this one is for the biggest Bowie fan I know! Cause it's his favorite,

"The ballad of a man calling out to the heaven from deepest and most depraved gutter"

And a song allegedly written to piss Mick Jagger off….

Hey babe, your hair's alright
Hey babe, let's go out tonight
You like me, and I like it all
We like dancing and we look divine
You love bands when they're playing hard
You want more and you want it fast….

And I leave you "what did Bowie do at your age?" in case you ever doubted how truly amazing he is and the man himself, in 1999 talking about reinvention, how to pronounce his name, why rock'n'roll is no longer a conveyer of rebellion and how the Internet is an alien life form...